After your work out, it’s

important to get your body the

right nutrition to help it keep

burning fat, and toning muscle.

This is one of my favorites because

it’s so darn easy and quick to


– 1 Banana

– 1 tablespoon peanut butter

– Low fat milk / nut milk (like soy

or almond) to taste (if you like

really thick smoothies, don’t use

a lot of liquid.)

That’s it! It’s got protein to

aid muscle repair, healthy fats to

fill you up, and potassium to help

you recover from the workout, too.

Quick note: If you use nut milk,

make sure it’s Unsweetened! Those

milks can have a LOT of hidden

sugar in them which hurts fat loss


Have a favorite of your own? I’d

love to hear it! Reply to this

email and tell me!

Psst… This smoothie works best

after our awesome kickboxing

classes 🙂

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