In the 1950s, to lose weight people

stopped eating and smoked a lot of

cigarettes (crazy, right?)

Today, cigarettes are less popular

than ever (thankfully!), but many

people still go hungry to lose


So the question is…

Is this really necessary?

I can tell you without a doubt that

you don’t have to go hungry to

burn those extra pounds.

Yes, you will have to make smart

changes to your diet.

Yes, you may have to cut back your

calories some.

But you do NOT have to starve! You

should eat filling, wholesome


The trick is to ONLY eat REAL

foods. No processed junk. No

refined sugar.

You want to eat whole grain carbs

(like whole wheat bread and brown

rice instead of white flour and

white rice)… Real, natural

vegetables… and lean protein

(like chicken breast, tofu, turkey,

lean ground beef, etc.).

If in every meal you had a big

serving of greens or veggies, and

then a serving of whole grain carbs

+ lean protein…

There’s a good chance without

even exercising that you’d start

to see great results.

But throw in a crazy-fun,

calorie-melting workout like our

kickboxing classes, and you’d be

on FIRE! 🙂

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To your success,

Priscilla Costa

(Please note: The nutritional

advice in this email should not be

taken as medical advice or

substituted for it. These are my

real-world, practical tips that

I’ve found to work great for me

and my clients – but you should

consult a doctor when making big

changes to your diet.)